There are over 125 color cartoons in the series at this time. Many appeared in the newsletter and website of Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society. A few appeared on my Facebook page. I am capable of producing a cartoon a week, which I did for three years since late 2015. Now, with a body of work, I draw new cartoons as ideas come to me. I draw my cartoons in pen and ink, digitally, or a combination of both and add color digitally. They average 600 kb to 1.2 mb in .png format. My earlier cartoons varied in height-width proportions. Since 2019 I produce all cartoons on a square template with the page slightly longer to accommodate the header. I can provide them in .png or .svg format upon request. I submit them by email or file transfer protocol. There are no paper originals. The "Plain Air" header and my signature are my original art. Captions are in Times New Roman or Cambria font. The hand lettering in word balloons are my in original font. I precede my signature with a copyright symbol. I placed the "Plain Air" header on each cartoon to serve as my "brand." I can remove the "Plain Air" header and reduce the vertical page size upon request.
Technical Info