Plain Air
Idea drawings by Dick Zunkel
My first cartoon of the "Plain Air" series Published online December 15, 2015
"Light in the Tunnel" drawn November 27, 2015
As a child I was an avid comic book reader. I preferred comics with humor. As I got older I graduated from Bugs Bunny to Mad magazine and was a fan of Don Martin and his crazy characters. I am a compulsive "doodler" and entertained myself drawing faces during boring business meetings. (This may explain why my career path took the scenic route.) I made a few attempts at creating single panel cartoons and comic strips, but was frustrated by the process and rejection letters.

In 2015 two technological advances fell into my hands: The Pentel Brush Pen, and Inkscape open source vector graphics editor. My first "idea drawing" as New Yorker magazine calls them, shown at the right side of this page was a simple line drawing. Later I revised the cartoon with some shading, and eventually learned how to add color and gradations. I am still learning and experimenting.

I have been asked, "Where do you get your ideas?"

Some are from true incidents painting in the field. Others come from online sources such as a random word generator, and some just fall from the sky, usually at night.
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